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Faith And Reason® creates a space for dialogue that challenges faith and spirituality to act for justice in our world.

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    The Stages of Spiritual Maturity Part 3: Growth on the Threshold, featuring Richard Rohr

    In Part 3 of our series featuring audio from Father Richard Rohr’s lecture “The Human Spirit,” Ann and Debo discuss Rohr’s next stage of human development: the realization that my thoughts and feelings are who I am.” This can cause us to become too locked in and certain in our beliefs, but there is freedom in remaining teachable. Spiritual maturity happens when we are open to challenging our convictions. Rohr says that “growth only happens on the threshold.” When we come to the edge of our comfort zone, don’t retreat - push on.

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    Hastening Change in the Church, with Barbara Wendland

    In this episode of Faith And Reason 360 we are honored to welcome author, scholar, and scribe of the popular monthly newsletter “Connections” Barbara Wendland. Join us as Barbara discusses the need for a radical update of creed, attitude, and structure in the Christian church, whose practices, Wendland says, are outdated—and this behind-the-times attitude, though revered as traditional by many, comes at the expense of Church success. The world has changed dramatically since the 3rd century; is the Church ready to catch up?

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    A Christian Nation For Whom?: Exploring Brueggemann

    No small critic of imperialism and nationalism, Walter Brueggemann heavily influences this episode. He argues that the U.S. was not founded to be a Christian nation — but one where churches co-exist, not co-opt, the secular democracy.

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    The Merits of Unselfish Fulfillment

    Noorain Khan, program officer at the Ford Foundation, discusses her experiences as a Muslim-American woman navigating a roiling political and social landscape, the importance of intersectional representation in all fields, and how altruism is a catalyst not only for social change but also for deep personal fulfillment.

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    Our "Father" and Our Fathers

    Debo Dykes and Ann Phelps host a roundtable discussion with guests Rev. Dr. Jason Coker, field coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi and David Dykes, Executive Director of Faith And Reason, about the beginnings of our faith formed by family and the image and language of God created for and by white men.

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    God Amidst Our Planetary Crisis

    As fires rage in California and hurricanes menace the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean, hosts Ann Phelps and Debo Dykes talk with guest Frederica Helmiere about the environment and what lessons Christians can learn from their interaction with the natural world.

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    Race, Faith & American Poverty

    Debo and Ann talk to the Rev. Dr. Jason Coker, field coordinator for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Mississippi (CBF MS) in light of recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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    Meeting Marcus Borg Again for the First Time

    Ann and Debo revisit an archived Marcus Borg lecture to dissect Borg's ideas on how one can practice Christianity but reject literalism and beliefs that don't fit a modern understanding of justice.

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    Love Thy Neighbor: The Church & LGBTQ

    Hosts Debo Dykes and Ann Phelps speak with Rob Hill, a former Methodist pastor and the current director of the Human Rights Campaign Mississippi. Rob's unique perspective offers a new understanding of ministry's role in creating safe and affirming spaces for LGBTQ people.

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    Music of the Movement

    Hosts Debo Dykes and Ann Phelps speak with composer and worship leader Mark Miller about how spiritual music brings people together, empowers communities, and inspires all of us to lives of justice and mercy.

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    Reclaiming Resurrection

    Hosts Ann Phelps and Debo Dykes have a deep discussion with renowned historical Jesus scholar John Dominic Crossan about the history of the concept of Resurrection. While Dr. Crossan raises provocative questions about our common understanding, there can be deeper meanings that are even more profoundly relevant today.

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    Women's Voices in Religion, Journalism, and the Workplace

    In honor of International Women's Month, we welcome Ann Phelps, Interim Director of Religious Life at Millsaps College, Donna Ladd, Editor-in-Chief of the Jackson Free Press in Jackson, Mississippi, and Kate McNeel, Chief of Staff, Telecommunications Industry Business at SAP and the founder of LeanIn Mississippi.

    Together, the panel shares their perspective on women making their voices heard across different sectors of society including the Church, newsmedia, and the corporate workplace.

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    Black Women in Historical Justice Movements, ft. Dr. Keri Day

    In our second podcast episode, Faith and Reason's Debo Dykes has a spirited conversation with Dr. Keri Day about Black women's modern and historical efforts for human rights and equality.

    Dr. Day is an Associate Professor of Theological and Social Ethics & Director of the Black Church Studies Program at Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University. She is a published author of several books, including "Unfinished Business: Black Women, The Black Church, and the Struggle to Thrive in America."

    Intersectionality, Black Lives Matter, racial injustice, reproductive justice, and how the lives of Black women profoundly affect justice for everyone—come to light in an impactful conversation serving as a perfect bridge between Black History Month and Women's History Month.

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    Roe v. Wade 44th Anniversary ft. Sarah Weddington

    Sarah Weddington, the attorney who argued Roe V. Wade, shares the inside story of her experiences arguing the case and what's changed for women's rights since the 1973 decision. She is joined by a panel of women sharing their own unique perspectives: Melissa Weininger, Claire Villareal, Amy Harris, and Muffie Moroney.

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