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Faith And Reason® creates a space for dialogue that challenges faith and spirituality to act for justice in our world.

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    The Last Week, with John Dominic Crossan, David Dykes, and Ann Phelps: Intro

    In this special episode, hear the Intro of "The Last Week," a new audio series from Faith And Reason. This series features new dialogue with John Dominic Crossan based on material from his book with Marcus Borg, "The Last Week." Part meditation, part historical exploration, and part theology — our new audio series with Dr. Crossan, David Dykes, and Ann Phelps is perfect for individual study, especially during the Lenten season. "The Last Week" is available now at!

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    The Stages of Spiritual Maturity Part 3: Growth on the Threshold, featuring Richard Rohr

    In Part 3 of our series featuring audio from Father Richard Rohr’s lecture “The Human Spirit,” Ann and Debo discuss Rohr’s next stage of human development: the realization that my thoughts and feelings are who I am.” This can cause us to become too locked in and certain in our beliefs, but there is freedom in remaining teachable. Spiritual maturity happens when we are open to challenging our convictions. Rohr says that “growth only happens on the threshold.” When we come to the edge of our comfort zone, don’t retreat - push on.

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    Hastening Change in the Church, with Barbara Wendland

    In this episode of Faith And Reason 360 we are honored to welcome author, scholar, and scribe of the popular monthly newsletter “Connections” Barbara Wendland. Join us as Barbara discusses the need for a radical update of creed, attitude, and structure in the Christian church, whose practices, Wendland says, are outdated—and this behind-the-times attitude, though revered as traditional by many, comes at the expense of Church success. The world has changed dramatically since the 3rd century; is the Church ready to catch up?

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    A Christian Nation For Whom?: Exploring Brueggemann

    No small critic of imperialism and nationalism, Walter Brueggemann heavily influences this episode. He argues that the U.S. was not founded to be a Christian nation — but one where churches co-exist, not co-opt, the secular democracy.

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    The Merits of Unselfish Fulfillment

    Noorain Khan, program officer at the Ford Foundation, discusses her experiences as a Muslim-American woman navigating a roiling political and social landscape, the importance of intersectional representation in all fields, and how altruism is a catalyst not only for social change but also for deep personal fulfillment.

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