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Faith And Reason® creates a space for dialogue that challenges faith and spirituality to act for justice in our world.

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    Black in Mississippi, Part 1 — "My Mother. My Hero."

    Our scholars and audiences seek understanding about the history and faith of religious people and culture—but not just for the sake of knowledge. Faith And Reason challenges faith to confront injustice in our world. Today, that means taking a critical look at the injustice right in our own backyard.

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    Out of Darkness, Let There Be Light, with Rabbi Marshal Klaven

    Join Debo and David Dykes as they visit Rabbi Marshal Klaven and learn about Hanukkah. Though it’s a minor religious holiday, Hanukkah has become enormously popular among American Jews. It’s a festival of light in the winter, it celebrates victorious underdogs, and it fits the “they tried to kill us / we won / let’s eat” rubric that animates Jewish holidays like Passover and Purim.

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    Jesus Vs. Caesar Part 5: Religious Truth & Interfaith Dialogue

    Featuring Dr. Joerg Rieger. What if we didn’t view religion as a sport, with a team that has to win, but instead as a language? Differences make a difference in how we move the world, so coming together to discuss different truths would benefit us and add to our knowledge of the world and the people around us.

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    Jesus Vs. Caesar Part 4: Jesus Vs. Caesar Part 4: Crucifixion, Charity, and Changing the Power Differential

    Dr. Joerg Rieger joins Debo and David to discuss how the cross and the resurrection of Jesus illustrate resistance, and why women were the only followers of Jesus who showed up when Jesus was crucified. They also talk about how malignant religion can support an economic system that will result in exploitation and suffering. What are some of the mechanisms that keep the “American Dream” in place?

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    Jesus Vs. Caesar Part 3: Religion, Materialism, and Rapture Theology

    Dr. Joerg Rieger sits with Debo, David and Ann to delve into the differences between "malignant religion" and "life-giving religion." What is the relationship Jesus had with materialism and to what extent is preaching the good news to the poor life-giving versus malignant?

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    Jesus Vs. Caesar Part 1: Emperor God or Servant God, with Joerg Rieger

    Dr. Joerg Rieger joins Debo, David, and Ann to explore the tension between the Christian perceptions of God: the kingly, dominant God of Caesar vs. the humble, human God of Jesus. When we talk about God, he says, which God are we talking about? If this God is one with Jesus, a working person and refugee who served the marginalized, what does it look like for us to be followers of Jesus today?

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    The Last Week, with John Dominic Crossan, David Dykes, and Ann Phelps: Intro

    In this special episode, hear the Intro of "The Last Week," a new audio series from Faith And Reason. This series features new dialogue with John Dominic Crossan based on material from his book with Marcus Borg, "The Last Week." Part meditation, part historical exploration, and part theology — our new audio series with Dr. Crossan, David Dykes, and Ann Phelps is perfect for individual study, especially during the Lenten season. "The Last Week" is available now at!

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