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Faith And Reason® creates a space for dialogue that challenges faith and spirituality to act for justice in our world.

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    Experiencing Discrimination in the South, with Catherine C. Young

    Debo and David sit down with Catherine C. Young, Sr. Vice President of the Memphis Mid-South Affiliate of Susan G. Komen, to talk about systemic racism and the murder of George Floyd. Catherine starts off the conversation by highlighting the first time she experienced racism, as well as how she has faced discrimination in her life since then. Catherine goes into detail about how people of color view white privilege. She defines it as a recycling of wealth within the white community that results in white people being at the top, because they are given privileges that others do not have access to.

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    COVID-19 and the Logic of Downturn, Part 2, with Joerg Rieger

    In part 2 of our exploration of a world reshaped by COVID-19, Joerg Rieger emphasizes the importance of communities coming together to build power. He continues his call for us to see God amidst us as a working person. How has the image of the cross changed over time, and how does it relate to resurrection? What if we viewed the cross as a symbol of resistance?

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    COVID-19 and the Logic of Downturn, Part 1, with Joerg Rieger

    Theologian Joerg Rieger talks about why oppressed people have been hit hardest with COVID-19 and why people of faith and theologians should care. Joerg’s theory of the logic of downturn in regard to the broken system in the United States asks, "What if we thought about God from this perspective from the bottom up, or the perspective of an essential worker? How are we going to get out of this?"

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    Black in Mississippi, Part 3 — "Growing Up Black & Gay in the Church"

    David and Debo chat with Daniel Ball, with Freedom For All Americans, about the lack of protection for LGBTQ individuals in states like Mississippi and how religion has come to be seen as a tool that is used to weaponize and divide people. Daniel also goes into detail about alternative forms of spiritual healing and the importance of interfaith.

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    Black in Mississippi, Part 1 — "My Mother. My Hero."

    Our scholars and audiences seek understanding about the history and faith of religious people and culture—but not just for the sake of knowledge. Faith And Reason challenges faith to confront injustice in our world. Today, that means taking a critical look at the injustice right in our own backyard.

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    Out of Darkness, Let There Be Light, with Rabbi Marshal Klaven

    Join Debo and David Dykes as they visit Rabbi Marshal Klaven and learn about Hanukkah. Though it’s a minor religious holiday, Hanukkah has become enormously popular among American Jews. It’s a festival of light in the winter, it celebrates victorious underdogs, and it fits the “they tried to kill us / we won / let’s eat” rubric that animates Jewish holidays like Passover and Purim.

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    Jesus Vs. Caesar Part 5: Religious Truth & Interfaith Dialogue

    Featuring Dr. Joerg Rieger. What if we didn’t view religion as a sport, with a team that has to win, but instead as a language? Differences make a difference in how we move the world, so coming together to discuss different truths would benefit us and add to our knowledge of the world and the people around us.

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